What options do you have when consolidating your loans?

Here at United Sudent Loan Aid we help people consolidate their student loans every day. There are many different options we can help you with to save you money. Below are the most popular programs being utilized today when consolidating your student loans:


You can qualify for lower payments based on how much income you make. This is by far the most popular consolidation program.


If you have you have Federal Student loans you may be eligible for a principal reduction on your loans or loan forgiveness. Inquire today to see your options.


Interest rates fluctuate so you should check to see if you are able to consolidate all of your loans into one low monthly payment.


Life in general is hard and sometimes you may need help to get through tough times. If you are struggling financially you may qualify for a loan forebearance.

Disclaimer: United Student Loan Aid, LLC. is a private, student loan resolution services company and not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) or any other government agency. United Student Loan Aid, LLC. helps prepare and process the application for student loan consolidation and repayment programs offered by the DOE. You can apply for loan consolidation or other repayment programs without paid assistance at no cost through the Department of Education (DOE) at www.ed.gov.  

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Loan Forgiveness

If you have Federal Student Loans you may qualify for of the forgiveness programs established by the Obama administration to assist borrowers. You may be eligible for principal reduction, loan forgiveness, or a complete loan discharge depending on your individual circumstance.

Options Available

Income Based Payments

If you are suffering from a financial hardship, you may be eligible for an Income Based Payment. In this repayment program, you would have a payment based on your income and family size. The payment could be as low as $0.00 per month, with forgiveness at the end of 20-25 years.

Loan Consolidation

Loan consolidation will take all your federal student loans and combine them into one new loan. You will have only one lender, with one monthly payment. In this consolidation you are able to choose a payment plan that's affordable to you. By consolidating you also may become eligible for loan forgiveness.

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Information for For-Profit College Students

Students from for-profit colleges often claim the schools use aggressive recruiting tactics and make false promises that they simply cannot live up to. Often times, recruiters tell students their credits are transferable to other universities when this is often not the case.

For-profit education has been under heavy scrutiny in the past couple of years, and rightly so. These schools leave students burdened with extreme debt, and more often than not the student doesn't end up getting a job in their field of study.

The Obama administration has been cracking down heavily on for-profit institutes of higher education such as American Career College, and many loan forgiveness programs are now available for these students.



 Growth From 1998-2008

2.4 Million

Students Enrolled in 2008, up from 766,000 in 2001


Percent of growth experienced by non-profit colleges in the same time period.



More Tuition than Non-Profits


Percentage of students leaving with debt, versus 13% of community college students


More debt, compared to public colleges and universities.


4.2 Billion

Spent on Marketing in 2009


CEO's are paid on average 630% more than their public counterparts.


71% less of college funds are spent on students than in public colleges and universities.

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About United Student Loan Aid

United Student Loan Aid specializes in assisting students burdened with debt find relief. The student debt crisis in America has reached astronomical proportions, and adds extra financial stress to around 50 million Americans. For-profit colleges in particular have been under scrutiny for their predatory practices, although we can help students from any school as well. You are not stuck with this debt, options are available. Call us to speak to an enrollment counselor and see if you qualify for student loan forgiveness and/or reduced monthly payments.

Erin Smith

Arizona State University, 2011

"I was struggling to pay my student loans off, with the minimum payment around $360 per month. I heard about United Student Loans and they were able to get me into a forgiveness program, and the best part is that my monthly payment is down to $0. I have already recommended several friends - thank you guys so much!"

Sam Johnson

American Career College, 2012

"I didn't realize when I started acc that my student loan debt would get so crazy, and being a new dental assistant, my pay isn't where it needs to be yet. United Student Loans helped me reduce my monthly payment by over 50%!"

Nicole Eastman

ITT Tech, 2012

"Like so many others at ITT Tech, I immensely regretted my decision to attend there, and the debt I incurred after for the practically useless piece of paper it gave me made it all that much worse. I heard about United Student Loans through a friend and thought it was too good to be true. It's not. This really works, and I am beyond happy. Thank you so so much!"

Q: Can I get my private loans forgiven?

No, the programs available for loan forgiveness only apply to federal student loans.

Q: What if I'm still enrolled in school?

At this time, you can only enroll into federal forgiveness programs if you have either graduated school or dropped out.

Q: Is this a scam?

We have been asked whether or not we are a scam company. We are in no way a scam. Unfortunately, predators have taken to this industry, which is very shameful. If any company requires a monthly payment, or tells you your payments have been reduced somewhere in the range of $39-$49, please read over your paperwork and call your loan servicer. These companies will tell you you qualify for a certain payment when you may actually qualify for a $0/month. At United Student Loan Aid, we are very transparent with our customers and paperwork. Any information obtained is solely used for the purpose of servicing your account. We take great pride in our work, as any of our thousands of happy clientele can attest to. Should you have any questions/concerns on this matter, one of our friendly loan counselors would be happy to discuss this with you.

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